A tailored consultancy service to help transform your business using efficient & ethical recruiting.

We do not like recruiters, they never understand what we need!

We appreciate that we are an industry that is a "need" as opposed to a choice at times and at Zebrec our approach is working together to find the best solution.

Recruitment fees are so expensive for our size of business!

At Zebrec we treat all clients the same in terms of service offering where our service can make a huge difference to your business and ensure that you see the ROI.Our fees may seem high however a bad recruitment choice could end up being twice as costly!

We have been working with the same agencies for a while now!

We are not looking at breaking existing relationships, however we want to ensure that suited industry candidates are introduced when they are new to the market, as the "creme de la creme" is always wanted by clients where possible. 

I receive at least 5 calls a day from agencies!

We all have a job to do however at Zebrec we look at offering a non - aggresive attitude, working with clients on a Consultancy basis leaving the "tick in the box" of hitting sales call targets to others.

All candidates that I have employed via an agency have left within a month!

A low staff retention rate usually happens for a number of reasons. It could be a simple question that is asked (or not asked) at the interview and we would try to assist by eliminating this at the selection stage. As a Consultancy we do not give you "lip service," we represent both parties and feedback is required both ways.

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