Worried about your next interview? Here are some of our top tips.

At interview

  • Do not arrive smelling of garlic and beer from the night before...

  • Make sure you haven’t borrowed your Dad's suit with it being two sizes too big!

  • Don’t make your opening statement like something out of the Jeremy Kyle show! They are interviewing you, not offering you a therapy session (be professional and keep it about the job)

  • As nice as high waisted Simon Cowells trousers are, save your tribute act for your spare time and dress appropriately.

  • Leave the Alan Sugar apprentice approach to the interviewer. Clients are completing the interview and let them keep control as much as possible.

  • Remove the Wrigley’s chewing gum as no one, except for the dentist, needs to see your shiny filings!

  • Know your CV! As the glazed over look is not appealing to a prospective employer. You may not think they will mention your student days while flipping burgers at McDonald’s, however they may have worked there themselves!

  • Do your research on the company, no one likes a lack of interest, thinking they build houses when they actually manufacturer shampoo, it`s worth the time!

  • As much as we all believe in ourselves and world domination, parking in the Company Directors parking space is not a great first impression.

  • No one doubts that you’re a highly professional candidate however, coming across as the Don Corleone (Godfather) of your industry is not always advisable and can often get up peoples noses, Confidence is GREAT! Arrogance ISN`T!

  • Arrive in plenty of time, the Anekka Rice running around, puffing and panting, with beads of sweat is not the sign of an organised person.