Sending your CV is the first step in admitting that you are seeking new employment.

Your CV represents your Career Biography and will be the first contact a prospective employer will see. Zebrec also offer a CV writing facility to assist you on how to best represent yourself.  Our team ensures that we understand your career and question any areas of confusion or gaps that will be flagged when in front of a client. We would strongly suggest that your CV is honest and clear as if there are any areas of concern our clients will question you on it.

Please maintain a uniformed CV ensuring that it is easy to read and look over. Due to the competitive climate it can be quickly dismissed by a client based on the fact that the information they are looking for doesn`t jump out straight away. Always ensure your CV is attractive to a prospective company whilst maintaining a lasting professional impression.

We do not always advertise our vacancies on our Website or Job Boards as we have a selection of clients who prefer to remain anonymous when recruiting therefore if you do not see your ideal role advertised please send your CV in anyway as we may have that perfect opportunity waiting for you!

Happy Job Hunting!

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